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Summit Handpiece Express is a member of the National Dental Handpiece Repair Association. This is an organization of independently owned and operated handpiece repair businesses throughout North America, dedicated to better serving dental professionals. The NDHRA was formed to initiate high quality standards, maintain good business practices, and promote a better understanding of the industry within the dental profession. Members adhere to a Code of Ethics; strengthening each other through a national alliance and advancing repair services through ongoing research and training.

Dental Handpiece Repair Service

Electric Handpieces

We repair all models of electric attachments under the following service levels. Kavo, Adec/W&H, Star, NSK, Bien Air, and Brasseler.

Electric 1:5 Speed Increasing AttachmentBearing Replacement (6-Month Warranty)New Cartridge (6-Month Warranty)Factory Overhaul (6-Month/1-Year Warranty)
Kavo 25 LPA/LPR/200XDR$249 - $299$349 - $399$579
Kavo 25 LHA$249 - $299$349 - $399$599
Kavo M05/M25 L$249 - $299$349 - $399$579
Adec WA-99-LT$249 - $299$349 - $399$675
Adec WK-93/WG-99$299 - $349$400 - $449$675
NSK Ti-95/Ti-85/X95/X85$249 - $299$349 - $399$549
NSK Z95L$249 - $299$349 - $399$599
Star 1:5 AC$249$349 - $399$765
Brasseler Forza F5$249 - $299$349 - $399$629
Midwest E Pro/Plus/Mini$299$399$650
Electric 1:5 Speed Increasing Attachment
Bearing Replacement (6-Month Warranty)
New Cartridge (6-Month Warranty)
Factory Overhaul (6-Month/1-Year Warranty)
Kavo 25 LPA/LPR/200XDR
$249 - $299
$349 - $399
Kavo 25 LHA
$249 - $299
$349 - $399
Kavo M05/M25 L
$249 - $299
$349 - $399

Endo, Surgical & Implant Handpiece Repair
$189 - $249

Summit Handpiece Express repairs all makes and models of electric 1:5, 8:1, and 20:1 attachments in our shop. We have invested in tooling, including a diagnostic microscope, training, and inventory in order to provide comprehensive repair capability for electric attachments. We also provide FULL factory support if we cannot repair your handpiece in house.


If you have Surgical Drills or Handpieces from Stryker, Hall, Zimmer, or 3M, please contact us for a free estimate.

High Speed Handpieces

We have upgraded ALL of our highspeed HPX turbines and rebuilds to ceramic ball bearings, same as your handpiece manufacturer—at NO additional charge. Here is our pricing for Ceramic Bearing Rebuilds + New Turbines (all come with a 6-month warranty).

Brand/ModelRebuildsNew Turbine
Midwest Quiet Air, Lever$99.95$189.00
MW Tradition/Lever/PB/Plus+$99.95/$129.95$229.00
Midwest Stylus/Plus+/ATC$129.95$229.00
Midwest Phoenix/Pro$129.95$229.00
Star 430 SWL (Lubricated)$99.95$199.00
Star 430 LUBE FREE (1-year warranty)$179.00$259.00
Kavo 647, 640, 642, 635$99.95$199.00
Kavo 6000$99.95$199.00
Kavo 659/4500/6500$129.95$229.00
Kavo M8700/M8900$129.95$229.00
Kavo Master/Expert/Smart$129.95$229.00
Adec/W&H 96/97/98/LED$119.95$229.95
NSK Kinetics$99.95$255.00
NSK 9000$99.95$199.00
Impact Air 45$99.95$215.00
Push Button Canister New Turbine$159.00
Standard Canister (3-month warranty)$79.95
Original Manufacturer Turbines In StockPriced by Model

Additional High Speed Handpiece Services

We repair all models of electric attachments under the following service levels. Kavo, Adec/W&H, Star, NSK, Bien Air, and Brasseler.

Autochuck Repair/Replacement$95
Star, Midwest Fiber Optic Replacement$189
Star Body Shell Service$75/$325
Air/Water Line Clearing, Minor Service$25/$55
Air/Water Line Replacement$95

Complete Low Speed Services

Star Titan II & III$159/$189
Midwest Tru Torc I & II$159/$189
Midwest Shorty I & II$159/$189
Midwest Rhino, RDH$159


Come with 6-month warranty

Straight Attachments$95
Star Angle Adaptor$95
Midwest Contra Sheath$120 (with trade-in)/$189

Motor Overhauls

Come with 6-month warranty

Champion Little Guy$189
Nose Cones$95
Lynx Motors$169
Micro Motors$189
Kavo Motors$249 - $299
Motor Rethreads$129

Low Speed Angles

Come with 3-month warranty

Latch Angle Rebuild$95/$129
PB Latch Angle Rebuild$95/$129
PB Angle New Cartridge$155
Kavo Angle Rebuild$149
New Ball Bearing Angle$110

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